About US

Who We Are

Egypt Wood At a glance, Egypt Wood Company was established in 2001 with the aim of providing wood treated with technology, and works as one of the leading organizations in the manufacture of furniture and flooring components and also provides materials for many different sectors by providing products (ACRYLIC – PET – PVC- UVLAC – HPL-EDGE BANDING- PROFIL-HOTMELT) In cooperation with companies (ARKOPA , AGT , ASD , ALBERO , YILDIZ ,UVLAC 5K )

Think Big, Think Global

We absolutely believe in big thinking. We are contented to know that our market is expanding day in and day out.


We believe in being the change ourselves that we would like to see in the world. Therefore, we believe in living in harmony with our planet, not off of it.

True Partnership

When it comes to a partnership, we find these three words expressing who we are the best of all; Fidelity, Sincerity and Integrity.


Our Vision

Our company is constantly working on developing its products by closely following technological developments with innovative colors The company aims to provide permanent solutions to the needs of the furniture, decoration and construction sectors, and to provide quality and production oriented towards modernity. The company works to provide panels that are stable in color and have a stable appearance for many years with high light stability. The company seeks to create a leading brand that guarantees customer confidence and product quality

Our Mission

We are determined to create an elegant touch and provide permanent solutions to the needs of the furniture and decoration industry. We seek to obtain high-quality surfaces, which are obtained by providing the ideal distribution of reflected light with modern technology, canceling the effect of water on the panels by providing the panels against water by 100%. %, and we also seek to add value to the market and its stakeholders through a combination of new trends and designs that will add quality and innovation to the Egyptian market, in a series of importing wooden components with their competitiveness and service guarantee.